Portable Unit: VL-6510

Key Benefits

• Slim, rugged and fanless

• Low power consumption & high performance

• Powerful modem for wireless transmission

Install a video site quickly with the VL-6510, a powerful plug and play encoder. This amazing machine will coordinate several video, data and audio sources for real time transmission over a cellular network.

The VL-6510 video encoder is a powerful fanless and quiet computer. It is slim and light yet rugged and it can be easily hidden. It offers several benefits including advanced security functions and large disk space for local recording.





All-Purpose Wireless Video Encoder

Install a video surveillance system anywhere, quickly with the VL-6510 thanks to its plug and play features and ruggedness. This unit is built to meet military standards and provides the perfect balance of power and performance. It is ideal monitoring warehouses, farms, abandoned buildings, etc.

Powerful Features

The VL-6510 has all the standard features of the latest top of the line computer and is totally fanless and quiet. It has no mechanical parts! Connect to networks via the built-in high speed modem to send in real time live video streams and audio. Videos can be watched live from clients, or up to 120 days of video streams can be stored on the unit and later reviewed remotely.

Fully Loaded

This unit comes loaded and preconfigured with all the smart VL software features for secure wireless transmission of live video streams. Once the video site is installed in a few easy steps, the application will start automatically and users can start viewing the live images captured by the unit’s cameras.


Like all of VideoLAtitude’s video encoders, the VL-6510 is designed to work flawlessly, non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the reliable guidance of its built-in watchdog protection that both detects and prevents potential problems while unattended.