Mobile Unit: VL-7510

Key Benefits

  • • Fully autonomous and wireless
  • • Ignition and low battery voltage detection
  • • Equipped with a GPS and a powerful modem

Transform your vehicle into a mobile video site with VideoLAtitude’s specially designed mobile encoder. This amazing machine will transmit simultaneously several video streams over a cellular network for real time viewing.

The VL-7510 video encoder is a fully loaded computer that will withstand shocks and vibrations. It offers several benefits including advanced security functions and large disk space for local recording.





Vehicular Video Encoder

Send live video streams while on the road with the VL-7510 encoder. This unit is built to meet military standards and provides the perfect balance of power and performance. Thanks to its low power consumption, it is fully autonomous and powers on with the car ignition. It can automatically shut down after a programmed delay when the ignition is turned off or if the battery voltage is too low.

Powerful Features

The VL-7510 has all the regular features of the latest top of the line computer and is totally fanless and quiet.  Connect to networks via the built-in high speed modem to send live video streams, audio and telemetry data. Videos can be watched live from clients, or up to 120 days of video streams can be stored on the unit and later reviewed remotely. The VL-7510 is equipped with an onboard GPS receiver for vehicular tracking, navigation and synchronising the unit’s internal clock.

Fully Loaded

This unit comes loaded and preconfigured with all the smart VL software features for secure wireless transmission of live video streams. Once the video site is installed in a few easy steps, the application will start automatically and users can start viewing live images captured by the unit’s cameras.