Pole Mount Controller : VL-PMC8

Key Benefits

  • • Fully wireless with integrated backup power
  • • High performance with low power consumption
  • • Robust; designed to meet military standards

The Pole Mount Controller VL-PMC8 is a fully autonomous fixed video site. It is equipped with a powerful fanless encoder and has at least 8 hours of battery back-up for secure and interrupted video transmission.

This video site can be set-up on a pole or wall in an area with intermittent power supply and no land lines or Wi-Fi access. It will withstand any harsh environment for continuous recording and live streaming.


The VL-PMC8 is a video station built into a compact, integrated UPS system that provides clean and uninterruptible backup power.  Its controller and cell batteries operate under a wide temperature range and are suitable for the most extreme operating environments. Both the encoder and camera can work constantly, without risk of stopping at the critical time.

Fixed but Movable

This is an all-in-one enclosure and is simple to set-up. It has two outer connectors for superior weatherproofing and ease of use, including the VideoLAtitude exclusive all-in-one PTZ connector. Once the cabinet is mounted, both power and camera cables are connected in one single twist.

The Pole Mount solution is provided with the latest state of the art PTZ camera and a fanless rugged video encoder. Wherever it is installed, it will connect to the local cellular network and send live video streams to the dispatcher.

Fully Loaded

The encased VL-6510P encoder comes loaded and preconfigured with all the smart VL software features for secure wireless transmission. It has all the regular features of the latest top of the line computer; many hours of video streaming can be stored on the unit and later reviewed on the spot or remotely.