VL-Big Owl

Portable Camera: VL-Big Owl

Key Benefits

  • • PTZ positioning precision up to +/-0.05º
  • • Weather proof with built-in wiper and heater
  • • Powerful night vision with infrared lighting system

This solid machine packs power and vision. The VL-Big Owl is a PTZ camera for permanent installation on a vehicle. It can withstand all kinds of conditions, from floods to extreme cold or rough roads.

With the VL-Big Owl, be where your vehicles are, all the time. Position the view with great precision to any point of interest.  Watch in real time a stunning clear video with no distortion, even while the vehicle is moving.





Powerful Vehicular PTZ

The VL-Big Owl lens has an advanced autofocus feature with a 36x optical zoom that captures clear and crisp high resolution images. Its drive is so precise that a preset position will always return, as programmed, exactly to where it should. The camera is completely weather proof and comes with a heating system. Its built-in wiper will keep the lens clear all the time.

Packed with Features

Thanks to the proportional pan feature, the pan and tilt speeds are automatically reduced when zooming in. This keeps the image from moving too fast during extreme zoom in. Its infrared light system will light up to 120 meters for perfect yet discrete night vision.  Even when the infrared Iight is off, during low light conditions the inner filter automatically switches off. The image changes to monochrome and remains clear even when illumination is as low as 0.01 lux.

Versatile and Strong

The VL-Big Owl can be installed permanently on the rooftop of any vehicle and boat, or it can be fixed to a specially designed tripod. This camera is built into a double box aluminum casing. It is suitable for various tough applications in rough environments such as rugged roads, and in extreme weather ranging from snow to sandstorms.