About us
About us
Incorporated in 2007, VideoLAtitude is a developer of innovative wireless security solutions headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Our team has been working together for over 15 years. We innovated and patented several key technologies in the mobile computing and vision field, Including the Pen/Touch mobile computers and virtual Keyboards.  In 2007 we introduced to the market VL-Solution 2.0, our first version of our breakthrough wireless surveillance system.

Our innovations
      • Pen/touch mobile computers
      • Virtual keyboards (currently used by most mobile computers)
      • Mobile, rugged military designed computers
      • Low-power battery operated devices
      • The first FCC approved integrated computer with internal long-range wireless radio
      • The first pen tablet
What we do

Today VideoLÅtitude offers a comprehensive state of the art VideoLocalisation solution that provides high quality live video transmission with real-time video from anywhere.

  • Our unique technology optimizes
  • Real-time global transmission of live high quality video that can be viewed in many-to-one or one-to-many mode without compromising quality.
  • Audio & telemetry streaming securely and compressed over available low bandwidth wireless networks, such as cellular or IP private radios.
Integrity and Security

Our solutions include enhanced security features (password restricted access, encrypted connections) and monitors all the connections and actions. All client actions are fully auditable and events and related actions are recorded and are fully auditable.